Tiessen's Application

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Tiessen's Application

Post  Tiessen on Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:04 am

Hi Glitched!

Position I am going for:
Admin or Whatever position you need

Age: 20 and I am in college

Reasons for wanting a Staff Spot:
I always have free time because I get my college work done early so I can be on and help out whenever I can. I like playing Runescape Private Servers and this server interested me greatly and I really want to be apart of something that I believe will become great in the future! I am very sociable and have been an advid RSPS player since I got bored of RS many years ago. I believe in equality and every player should have a chance to go for something they truly want to achieve and if I can help in anyway possible I will do so diligently! Sadly I am not a good coder but I can be someone who can monitor the server as well as make sure players are respective to each other as well as the server! Thank you for your consideration Glitched!

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