[Clan] Rx Pures [Recruiting]

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[Clan] Rx Pures [Recruiting]

Post  Eclipse on Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:11 pm

Hey there guys, It's Eclipse. Owner of Rx Pures, what this clan is, is we are for pures only this can be any pures such as Defence, Tank, Range, Mage, Attack, Strength or any 2 of these combined. What i aim to do in this clan is to be one of the best Pure clans on an rsps, to players from other servers may come and challenge us.

Stats Required, one of the following below:
Defence Pure:
Attack: 1
Defence: 50+
Strength: 1
Prayer: 1+
Range: 1+
Magic: 1+

Attack Pure:
Attack: 50+
Defence: 1
Strength: 1
Prayer: 1+
Range: 1+
Magic: 1+

Strength Pure:
Attack: 1-50
Defense: 1
Strength: 50+
Prayer: 1+
Range: 1+
Magic: 1+
And so on, if you don't know what other pures there are please search for it on; Google

If you are only now reading this, and you wish to join the clan. You will have to have RX in your nametag, so players can recognize you.
If you would like to contribute to this clan, you can also make some Graphical work such as WallPapers, Logos, Banners or something like that would be sweet. For a Banner, if you will make one i would like it to say "I Support RX Pures" Or something sort of like that. As long as you have RX Pures in it, i honestly don't care.

[] 5 Members
[] 10 Members
[] 20 Members
[] 50 Members
[] 70 Members
[] 100 Members
[] 150 Members
[] 300 Members
[] 500 Members

Clan Chat
When in the clan chat, please refrain from using the words "Nigger" "white-boy" or any racial sentence/words. Also, please do not spam the clan chat with any (B>) (S>)Offers, B> = Buying S> = Selling or any other way to try to sell items in the chat. Also, please try to keep in touch with the RedemptionX Rules as breaking them will not be tolerated, we will not have rule-breakers in the clan even though you may think you're Macho, or Bad-ass for breaking them.

On behalf of the Rx Clan, we hope to see you pk'ing with us soon. -Eclipse

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Re: [Clan] Rx Pures [Recruiting]

Post  Glitched on Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:17 pm

Good Luck you noobs (:
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