Eclipse's Suggestions:

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Eclipse's Suggestions:

Post  Eclipse on Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:22 pm

My Suggestions
If you could pass these on to the owners/coders/staff or anyone with responsibility to help make the server a better community that'd be awesome.

In the server i would like to see:
1) A more organised home, as this one seems to be far more spread out for my liking.
2) A higher experience rate.
3) An easier way of getting to places such as Taverly (maybe like a teleporter.)
4) When you are in a clan, you'd like to feel known, to show you are apart of that team/clan. i think a ::Settag command would be so much help for clan leaders and clan members for pking, or maybe even skilling clans. This would be easier for them to recognize each-other, and get the community together.
5) I'd like to see some quests and events in the server, not just holiday events/quests, i think this would make the server much more fun, plus it'd be a much better way to get new players involved in the community.
6) If all the specs would work in and out of wilderness/Pking areas that'd be awesome.
7) New shops as i haven't been able to find the items that i'd like to wear or use maybe like adding a shop for begginers so like bronze, iron, lobster, shrimp and some stuff like that?
8 ) I think it'd be a good idea to make a little tutorial to introduce newbies to the server.
9) A boss zone for experienced players, just for the money. IN there would be like shades, skeletal horrors, Primal warriors.
10) a charms shop for donators would be freaking sweet, it'd be good for you because people who play rsps's hate getting charms, so it'll benefit them a lot!
11) Npc points would be a good feature, say now, i killed a penguin i'd only get the loot, but the npc points will keep players playing for the good items in the Npc point shop. This will also attract pvm'ers not just pvp'ers.
12) I think dicing should only be allowed for Legit dicers that staff think deserve to have the rank, i know this would help out the eco alot because i got scammed for 2.1b, but it was cool. because now i have a choice to do something about it, so i hope you use this suggestion.

On the forums i would like to see:
1) An organised forums and not a category for every board, E.g a Category called "Community" and having some boards such as "Play games" "Buy/Sell" "Clans" "Introduce Yourself" and some others that i'll leave you to think about.
2) Also i would like to see a more professional look to the forums as it looks like a 10 year old has made it, i'm not trying to be mean in anyway. it's just a suggestion, Maybe you could make it look nicer by adding a newer template, something that looks nice and isn't just plain grey.

Thank you for reading my suggestions.
I will add more to this topic as i think of new suggestions.

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Re: Eclipse's Suggestions:

Post  lilyG on Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:46 pm

Although we don't share it, most of these have already come up in discussion, and to be honest there is a lot of fair points here. Most of them were already developing or working on, put on a brave face and be patient, all will be revealed afro

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