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Post  Redrhodes on Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:07 pm

[Redrhodes Staff App]

Ingame name- Redrhodes
real name- Jordy
how old are you?- 17
How long have you been playing the server?- Not Long, but i know alot about the server and his staff,
Why do you think you should be a StaffMember of RedemptionX?- Well Because i'm a Perm Moderator on RSPSDB, and i think i deserve it because i'm mature enough for any rank ingame/on forums, not saying you guys MUST choose me, because i dont want to give any pressure,
Why do you think you deserve it?- read ^^

Have you helped someone?- Of Course, i love helping people.
How long can you play each day?- 4-8 hours and the next week 10hrs (because i'm home a full week)
Are you active on both forums and ingame?- Yes i'm.
Have you been staff on any other server, if yes what server?- Yes, on many servers, got demoted once because i was inactive, wont tell any server names because i love this server and thats what this is about RedemptionX, not other games

Do you respect owners?- Of Course if you dont respect them, how can you expect that they will respect you?
Have you broken any rules?- i wont say no because EVERYONE broke a rule once or twice, thats not good but it aint bad because thats the proof you're a human ;D we make mistakes...


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