love hards staff application

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love hards staff application

Post  love hard on Thu Dec 27, 2012 10:01 pm

love hards new mod app


Irl Name:Gage Rodriguez

Age: 17

Location: tecumseh michigan usa


If sin²x = d²-cos²x , then d = 69

How long have you been playing redemtion x? 1 week

How many hours are you on daily at average?. 5-6

Why do you want to become a mod on redemtion x?: to help the server and help the players

Why would you make a good mod on redemtion x: because i have been playing rsps's for yeas and runescape i am very common with rs now and i feel id be a great help

Past know-how in dealing with staff positions? ive been mod 7 time amdin 4 and coowner 2 times

Are you willing to help players?:
What is it you like about redemption X?:everything i know alot about source i like the players and the eco

Your best friend is online, and he/she breaks a few rules: insta mute/jail/ban no freind comes in the way

Have you got a Youtube account? (If you have one, post it here): no

Do you understand that getting votes in a corrupt way (for example: buying votes or making multiple accounts to vote) will result in an forum account ban? yes

You do understand if you break rules, or turn out to not be a good mod that you will be demoted? yes

name:gage love hard in game
what staff position: moderator
why should you be staff: because i can advertise for the server i can keep new players up to date im a huge help to any player who asks I should be a staff member beacuse i am respectful and fair to all players. i am very knowledgeable about runescape and many other private servers
people who recomend me: no one
what do rate my grammar: right now a 9
any other notes: nothing just id be a great help to your server

love hard

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